True power is what you’ve been missing all these years. Power to live your truth. Power to embody your soul’s complete resonance. Power’s what connects your soul to the Universe. Power lies in strength of true self acknowledgment. Power lies in allowing the threshold of your embodiment begin to embrace the infinite soul-ution of your true vibration.

Your true self isn’t just a singular definition of who you are – it starts with embracing what’s up above, down below and written about you in the stars. It’s your true self that is your destiny, coming between what lies beneath the surface of your human experience and physical capacity. Your true self is a reason more than it is a destination of physical realization from the start of knowing, choosing, and embodying the Truth of who you really are.

It’s why you came to this Earth in the first place – to take all that knowing, all that power, all of that resilience, and piece it all together right from the start. The start of destiny, the start of empowerment, the start of creation, the start of remembrance, the start of expansion, the start of evolution. Not just your mind’s evolution, but the complete evolution of the collective’s soul self.

For it is the love that you came from that makes you whole. Remember, the journey to your truth is not a destination, rather, a total soul embodiment of the galactic Universe.

It is now, dear ones, that you are home in your deliverance.

It is now, dear ones, time to embrace your truth experience.

We love you all.

With light and love,


– Channeling –