This 1:1 Spiritual Mastery Mentorship is for those ready to take gigantic leaps towards creating infinite abundance, unlocking limitless potential, powerfully ascend, and fully evolve into their identity of truth to make an unbelievable impact. Our 1:1 exclusive support is intended to bridge the gap between what you have access to now (within your physical and energetic reality) and what reality you truly desire through expanding your higher awareness and bringing in more of your divine light.

This support is meant for those who many have not consciously recognized this desire to shift for some time, but have felt the inkling in their bones start to rise. It is for those who may have thought ‘all is well’ in your current life – you’re making an impact, you’ve settled into a vibrational frequency that does you quite well, yet things feel slightly stagnant, less than expansive and not filled with the richness of infinite potential and growth you desire. It’s for those who have felt something aching within you, pleading above you to take the next step.

This is the only way to extensively receive 1:1 support from Jennifer Lee and the Arcturian Galactic Team at this time. Allow us to assist you in quantum leaping into the full Truth of who you really are and all you have to give. By expanding your light exponentially into this Truth, you make yourself available to all you’ve ever wanted to create and more in the here and now.


We want to remind you that, although, your inner dialogue may be keeping you afraid of this (regardless if anyone can tell), truly you have nothing to LOSE other than ways of BE-ing that no longer resonate with you! The longer you ‘hold on’ to this denser capacity, the longer it will ‘take’ to ‘move on’ into your fullest capacity. Your fullest capacity sharing your gifts, knowledge, beauty and pure identity with those ready for your guidance into shifting their realities. Your gifts ARE real, but you ARE ready to embody them more – embrace the unknown and tap into what is inherently yours.

You are a trailblazer, a leader and not afraid to take giant leaps as you have many times before, and although you’ve made it ‘this far’, there is only so much shifting and evolution one can do ‘all alone’ or repeating the same ways of attempting to expand even more. The work you do is calling for something more, and we’ve heard your higher call for more embodiment of your expanded higher self. This means traveling into the unknown, tapping into unrealized spiritual gifts, connecting to parts of yourself you didn’t realize could exist, saying the things that are required to be said to your communities or perhaps saying the things that have never been said before.

It’s time for new, for a refresh, for a creative expansion of Truth. This means taking another gigantic leap towards surrender, allowing a new rainfall of abundance to shed down on you from withIN, rippling the affect it has on the rest of your world. You are the one you have been searching for – and it is time to recognize that Truth from ALL of Source.


The Arcturian Galactic Council of Light: “We recognize the Truth you seek and are offering it to you on a ‘silver platter’ at this time. All you have wanted and more IS truly available NOW – you just have to open yourselves to being available fully and completely to this now. We recognize the abundance of gifts, light, healing, change, manifestation, evolution, impact and shifting you have within you to make available to the world.

Your tribes, your communities, your clients, your loved ones, your connections, your soul contracts, your relationships are all ready for YOU to bridge the gap between who you once were and the infinite potential that lies withIN your SOULar System. We recognize the dedication and aspiration you have held true in your heart to reach this point within your lifetime, for it is you who truly longs to help. We feel your desire to step into the powerful threshold of all you desire to create and you have done great work to move forward in accomplishing this. But this ‘time’, as you perceive it, you are ready for MORE.

For MUCH more. For MORE than you’ve ever been able to create during your time on this planet.

We recognize your deep desire for change, within your heart, within your surrounding areas, within your planetary shift, within the work you already create. Your abundance codes have already been unlocked, dear friends, as you know this Truth with all you’ve already been able to create within your life. It is maximizing the potential of this Truth, of your gifts, of your LOVE that you are having a hard time on. We are here to help guide you and quickly ascend you into the quantum shift you have been longing to take, but seemingly not ‘quite ready’ until this point.

We have activated your frequencies and will be available for when you are no longer willing to wait to reveal the Truth that lies deep within your True Self.”




You are ready to receive:

  • Unlimited dedication and support from the Arcturian Guides, your Spirit Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, guardian Angels, passed loved ones, intuition, Higher Self, higher dimensions and Jennifer Lee
  • An awakening of heightened state of BE-ing in the form of higher frequencies, energetic vibrations, DNA codon unlocking, new Spiritual gifts, 3rd Dimensional identity/reality shifts and more
  • Constant connection to your True self, your Higher Self, your Spiritual Gifts, your Abundance Codes, your heart’s desires, your manifestation capabilities, your Ascension Path and your true power
  • Confidence in receiving intuition in expanded ways you are currently unaware of or disconnected to
  • Ability to use ALL of your Spiritual Gifts within your business, relationships, health and life
  • Guidance through the ‘barriers’ of being a 3rd Dimensional Human while you embody the totality of your Higher Self of Service
  • Congruent understanding of what to create next and how to create what’s next from your higher self and a new, heightened state of being
  • Smooth transitions through ‘ascension’ or ‘awakening’ symptoms felt within the physical, emotional or mental bodies
  • Complete knowing of how to ground in and stay in the higher state of consciousness you’ve brought in
  • Expanded awareness and knowledge of Universal Energies, Quantum Timeline Jumping, Instant Manifestation, DNA Codes, Abundance Activations, your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, Frequencies, Creating in the 3D from the 5D ‘love and light’, your Spiritual Gifts, Alignment, Releasing old timelines and past paradigms, Timeline Collapsing, Energetic Upgrades, Planetary Shifts, Earth’s Ascension Grid (and how to relate to this in a ‘real’/down to Earth/grounded capacity)
  • Knowing your energetic blueprint, your DNA blueprint, your Soul Group and where you originated from (and how to remain in contact with this)
  • A huge leap in your ability to receive and broadened connection to your self-worth
  • Detachment from judgment, egoic beliefs, religious programming, caring what other people think, fear of taking new risks, blocks to speaking your Truth, relationships and parts of your identity that hold you back from this shift, abundance blocks, societal beliefs and 4th dimensional wounds
  • Releasing from soul wounds, soul contracts no longer serving you, old ways of thinking/being/doing that are beginning to no longer work for you, lower vibrational relationships, ‘bad habits’, negative attachments or entities, blocks to healing or embodying the TRUE you
  • Creation of new portals of abundance within your business and life, often times instantaneously and understanding HOW to continually create from this space
  • Feeling total trust, activation, alignment, LOVE, peace and confidence in embodying the 5D light (and beyond)


In the form of:

  • Biweekly 2+ hour channeling calls (this includes an array of 1:1 support through Arcturian channeling, support from your Spirit Guides and higher self, unlocking abundance codes, energetic upgrades, vibrational attunements, space holding, past life clearing, mental program releasing, connection with new and heightened spiritual gifts, spiritual teaching of your Truth, and more)
  • Biweekly 30 minute 1:1 support (this allows time for deeper shifts and clearings from above to be moved through, questions to be answered, keeping your vibration attuned, energy clearing and support)
  • Unlimited VIP support (in the form of any-time contact and channeled guidance via SOS calls, Facebook Messenger or E-Mail)
  • Complimentary space in our VIP Ascension Mastermind (a $997/month value)
  • Complimentary space in our Arcturian News Membership Program (a $297/month value)
  • Completely unlimited access to ALL current and future offerings and programs (meditations, recordings, online courses, virtual workshops, e-books and more) (unlimited value)
  • Dedication from our Guides and the Arcturian Council of Light to assist you in mastering your frequency and accomplishing all you wish to manifest in your current business and life
  • Welcome Truth + Ascend care package as well as inspired gifts sent from the Arcturians above


(Minimum) 3 Month Investment of: $10,161

or $3,387 per month


*Please fill out the application form thoroughly and schedule your interview by clicking the link above. After our interview process, we will let you know within 24 hours whether or not you have been accepted to work together under our Mentorship program.