You ARE ready to evolve. You ARE ready to create. You ARE ready to step into the potential reality you desire to manifest in the here and now. You ARE ready for love. You ARE ready to expand. You ARE ready to explore. You ARE ready to step up and elevate to the frequency that is your HIGHER self.

Your abundant self. Your Goddess self. Your true, loving, sensual, creative, intuitive, here and now self. But also your empowered self. Your confident self. Your I can do anything and it is done, it is done, it is done, right here, right now… self.

Know  that you’re awake. Know that you’re well aware of what’s going on inside of yourself and inside of your multidimensional reality that you seem so far away from. Know that it’s time to integrate your highest potential into the physical you live from

Know that your infinite truth lies within your being now. And you’re ready to encompass it throughout your life now. Your potential to create from this reality is FAR and WIDE beyond what you’re capable of seeing right now – but that infinite potential is tap, tap, tapping, calling you to lean into its love. You’re ready to awaken beyond the ecstatic feeling you allow yourself to feel inside and move beyond it’s potential into new, untouched realities. You’re ready to experience love beyond the human capacity and ready to see its Truth created in your reality.


Harnessing your True Galactic Goddess Frequencies:

  • You can heal energy
  • You can manifest instantly
  • You can act as a medium
  • You’re tuned into different dimensions
  • You telepathically receive information
  • You’ve discovered new and exciting quantum physics like information
  • You’ve surpassed your Reiki healing
  • You’re starting to embody Shamanic energy
  • You’ve got WAY more to expand into than JUST astrology
  • You FEEL other beings around you and just might even know their names
  • You can see things moving, things shifting, things flashing, things flying throughout different realities
  • You can feel other’s emotions and clear them naturally
  • You have untapped gifts that you’re starting to discover that you’re ready to embody


When you embrace yourself. When you love yourself. When you embody yourself. When you tune into your higher selves, you’ll find the softer potentiality of what you’re ready to create from. Your higher self, your intuitive self, your soul self, your heart centered self, your galactic self – all rolled into one beautiful hUman package – is what this calling is about. This calling is a ‘dare’ to dream wider than your current capacity. A whisper to move beyond your current reality. A knowing it’s time to release the mental constraints and current ways of BEing and step into something new, something expanded, something so full of love, light and expansion!


You will expand into:

  • Connection to your ‘higher galactic frequencies’ and understanding what those really are
  • Opening up to your higher intuitive gifts (expanding psychic abilities, channeling different dimensions, starseed work, energy work, and more)
  • Understanding who you are and where you come from (soul fam, galactic fam, starseed fam, guidance team… here we come!)
  • Releasing doubt, fear and shame from current and past timelines that keep you blocked from KNOWING and EMBODYING these gifts
  • Guidance on how to stay connected to your higher self and spiritual Source on a daily basis (no more up and down roller coaster ride between dimensions and vibrations)
  • Expanding into the 5D frequency for days on end (uh, can I really feel this much ECSTASY out in public?)
  • Creating a sacred practice to allow you to shift into embodying your new sense of self
  • Finding confidence, empowerment and love in your expanded multidimensional identity
  • Feeling ready and at ease sharing these gifts with others in your personal and business relationships (and completely unattached to any reactions, judgments or egoic ways of thinking)
  • Integrating your higher self with your soulful, heart centered human self to find a happy equilibrium to exist from
  • Discovering how your soul and higher self are ready to work together and releasing any internal battles of one over the other
  • Releasing any past timelines, past lives, soul contracts, entanglements, subconscious programming and ways of be-ing that no longer serve your higher direction


As well as:

  • Attune your frequency to the energetic vibration of ALLOWING exactly what you want to give and receive in your business
  • Expand into a new level of creation, bringing more of your Truth, higher gifts and empowered love to the surface
  • Focus on manifestation from the 5D perspective – allowing, giving and receiving freedom, flow and love (GONE are the old paradigms of 3D manifestation! Hard work, struggle, ladder climbing, proving yourself, distrust, ‘getting’ and fighting energies NO LONGER)
  • Discover easy alignment between your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine – allowing freedom and flow within structure and discipline
  • Energetic alignment in ALL aspects of your business (content creation, sales and marketing, services, how you show up on a day to day basis)
  • Find absolute trust, confidence and empowerment in sharing your Divine Truths, Soul-spiration and heart-based vulnerability with your community and creations
  • Create an abundance of opportunities for expansion into things you ‘never thought you could’ and always wanted to manifest
  • Solidify your frequency to one of knowing, true power, and absolute identity shift, allowing for constant growth, constant spiritual connection and constant ownership
  • Receive unexpected income, opportunities and absolute clarity on what to create (and how to design it) next
  • Understand the most aligned way to share your higher gifts, communicate their benefits and attract the most high-vibe and unified clients/business opportunities you’re meant to work with


By embodying the higher frequencies of who you are and all you’re meant to be, you’ll create new realities within ALL areas of your life invariably. You’ll find ease in embodying your true self around those still struggling with the 3D. You’ll feel empowered to change situations that no longer resonate with who you’ve expanded into, from a space that’s loving, unattached and freeing. You’ll find a new relationship with your body and what it’s meant to be for you – for as you embody more of your light and Truth, changes WILL happen! You’ll release tension and doubt around being vulnerable, yet empowered, confident, yet surrendered, creative, intimate and receiving of pleasure. You’ll become the person you’ve known you’ve wanted to be… were meant to be… and just weren’t quite sure how to navigate through the whole process.


And, most importantly, along WITH all of the understanding, expansion and excitement… you’ll receive so, so, SO much love.


Love from places you’ve never felt it. Love in new waves of expansion. Love from clients, friends, families, even strangers! Love from yourself in a brand new way of receiving it. Love in the most intimate matter.

Because who you are and what you’re meant to embody IS light which IS love, simple as that! And all you’re meant to create from, all of the work we’ll be doing together, really boils down to something so simple: love.

And don’t worry – as much as this work is galactic, spacial, healing and discovering the ‘unknown’, it’s FUN, super HIGH VIBE and extremely celebratory, often on a daily basis. We’ll find the perfect balance between expansion, integration, inspiration and motivation. We’ll team up to release ALL you have to RELEASE in this world, in this life, and do so in a way that’s unique to you, a part of your blueprint and SO beautifully aligned.


You’re aligned to receive:

  • One (beginning) 90 minute intention setting, frequency activation session
  • Five 45 minute calls (including channeling, energy attunements, clearings and activations as intended)
  • Custom recorded guided meditations, activations and channelings sent via audio, video or e-mail
  • Unlimited access to me (and your guidance team) over Facebook Messenger
  • Daily energetic tune up’s or clearings (so you can easily solidify your higher frequency and not allow the tendency to roller coaster between 3D/5D affect you ‘negatively’)
  • Unlimited FREE access to: Abundance Code Activation Course (currently running), Diamond Light Code Meditation, Galactic Higher Self Meditation, Identity of Impact, Sacred Geometry Workshop as well as ANY other programs/courses/workshops/content for purchase launched during the duration of our Intensive
  • Intensive dedication to receiving your highest benefits and results (in the here, now and beyond)


Investment of: $2500 USD



Are you ready to unleash the higher self from within that is willing you to the surface? Ready to receive unlimited guidance, unlimited awareness, unlimited assurance of who you are and what you’re ready to create in this world? Ready to fully understand and embody the POWER of all you have to release from? Ready to expand into an ABUNDANCE of infinite creation and receive tangible and spiritual results? Ready to release the inner drama, confusion, plateau, avoidance and apprehension with complete ease and flow? Invest in your SELF, all parts of your SELF, your FUTURE and your HEART through this 6 Week Intensive – space IS VERY LIMITED! Let’s begin your expansion today ❤.


Investment of: $2500 USD