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Work closely with the Arcturian Council of Light and the Collective Council of Light as we join forces to work closely in aligning you to the abundance that you desire. Reach within, dear ones, for now is the time to release all ‘hope’ and move forward to all that you’ve been waiting for. You KNOW what’s right and aligned for you at this time, but just are ‘having a hard time making it happen’ in your daily life.

We are here to help balance your frequencies, engage your galactic energies, help you embody your truest visions and discover the Truth of who you are. We want to guide you to understanding the genetic frequency of your abundance codes and be able to outline them within your daily life. Infinite potential awaits you, dear ones, and now is your time to create a new and awakened reality from that source.

Abundance IS your true nature when you are connected at the core to your truest and most galactic sense of self. This is soul work, healing work, higher self embodiment work and so, so much more. You’re ready to step into the truth of a NEW reality and awaken to that abundant source.

You have an immense amount of love to give and receive throughout your current and infinite timelines, dear ones, and now it’s time to surrender, let go, and receive of that birthright. This is an exciting time for you all, none like the rest, and we open our ‘arms’ to uplift your frequency and watch you soar!

Arcturian Abundance Code Activation 6 Week Program

  • Week One: Getting to the Core of your Soul’s True Power and Galactic Frequency
  • Week Two: Tapping into the Abundance + Infinite Creative Potential you Already Know is Yours
  • Week Three: Activating your True Potential By Bringing in Your Multidimensional Self
  • Week Four: Physical Healing and Detoxification, Ascension ‘Symptoms’ and Releasing Cords
  • Week Five: Releasing Abundance Blocks and Embodying Your Newly Awakening DNA Codes
  • Week Six: Violet Blue Ray Flame Activation + Opening Crystalline Grid Portals


You ARE ready to Soar!

We will be:

  • Healing Atlantean and Lemurian timelines
  • Connecting you to the Truth of the Starseed System you are from
  • Activating your abundance portals within the Crystalline + Earth’s grid work systems
  • Embracing the violet white, golden ray flame of resilience within your heart + higher heart chakras
  • Activating your 12th Strand of DNA and healing Abundance Codes
  • Identifying your soul group and soul book past timelines that you are ready to shift away from
  • Discovering opportunities for timeline shifts and quantum leaps between your 3rd and 5th Dimensional Realities
  • Releasing underlying strains to awakening your abundance codes (emotional blocks, mental programming, soul wounds, physical blocks, cords that need to be cut)
  • Healing the physical and energetic body from all that needs to be detoxed from your systems
  • Activating the violet blue ray flame within your abundance portals now


As well as:

  • Understanding what it means to live within the energetic abundance of the 5D frequency in the here and now
  • Shifting through blocks that keep us from embodying that frequency within our physical realities
  • Creating timeline shifts within your physical reality to the abundance our heart’s truly desire (remember, what we THINK we desire is not always what we TRULY desire, and there lies the incongruency to manifesting)
  • Integrating our Truth as a multidimensional being and starseed into our current, daily lives
  • Discovering the shifts activating our abundance codes can make within our physical presence, relationships, careers, habits, lifestyle and finances
  • Embracing our Truth while leaving behind judgement, doubt, shame, blame, anger, resentment and anything else that blocks us from embodying our true LIGHT and LOVE
  • Releasing baggage, emotional wounds, mental blocks and ways of living that keep us OUT of alignment with who we truly are and how we truly wish to BE in our worlds (identity shifts)
  • Increasing our ability to manifest all that we wish to receive and all that we have to give
  • Connecting to our Soul’s Truth and Spiritual Gifts more and more on a daily basis (clarity, clear seeing/sensing/knowing, astral travel, working with the angelic or extraterrestrial realms)
  • Learning how to shift through Dimensions with ease and flow
  • Allowing timelines to collapse while still surrendering to the here and now
  • Balancing our energies of Divine Masculine and Divine feminine energy
  • FEELING the abundance we desire on a daily basis!
  • Moving away from mental chatter and monkey-mind created anxiety, fear, worry, negativity, heaviness and so on
  • Allowing more unconditional LOVE to flow within our relationships


Take a journey to your Truth dear ones, as the Arcturian Team of Light, Collective Council, your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and so much more come together to assist you at this time.

Not sure what the Abundance Codes are all about? FEEL the frequency + receive a FREE Activation during our Interview with Steve Nobel’s Soul Matrix Podcast here!


In this 6-Week Course You Will Receive:

  • Weekly recorded 90+ minute attunements, activations and channelings from our Guidance Team of Source ($1250 value)
  • Weekly recorded Q&A Strategy Sessions to integrate each week’s abundance code ($700 value)
  • Energetic attunements and check-ins to keep the group’s vibration HIGH ($810 value)
  • The opportunity to have a private 1:1 Heart Attunement Channeling Session with Jennifer Lee (see below) ($600 value)
  • Weekly worksheets and e-mailed support to support the activation and embodiment process
  • Constant connection to the Arcturians, Angelic Realm and team of Spiritual Guidance
  • A renewed sense of confidence, higher energy, awareness and clarity as well as manifestation of MORE abundance!

*All content will be sent to you sequentially via the e-mail address provided at check out. You will also be provided with a password protected website at the end to have complete LIFETIME access to all content in one convenient location


The abundance codes that lie within you ARE your birthright. By activating your Truth, you will stabilize your ability to connect to the life of your dreams, your heart’s truest desires and understand exactly how to multiply this energetic frequency into your physical life.

Many lightbeings at this time are scared, stuck and not quite happy with what is ‘going on’ within their physical reality as the ascend into the light. Fear not, dear ones, for now is the time to open up to your abundance codes and LIVE your birth right – you have nothing to hide, nothing to fix, nothing of the ‘old’ that you need to hold onto anymore – which is why we are here to help.

To help you awaken to the frequency that is your truest existence. By connecting you to the galactic realms, we will ALIGN you to what has been right all along, connect you with your soul’s path and enlighten you to the frequency and ‘home’ that which you truly belong. By embracing and connecting to this truth, you may expand into growing your manifestations however you choose on a daily basis.

No more waiting around, feeling stuck, thinking your way through or doing what seems right! Those times are GONE dear ones, and the more you shift out of them while connecting to your multidimensional selves, the easier and ‘quicker’ your timelines of manifestation will shift! Everything you desire IS in the HERE AND NOW, recognize that and rejoice in this massive shift you have just overcome! Now time to ‘do the dirty work’, although, the ‘dirty work’ is quite clean, easy, freeing, vibrant and fun!

Just feel the vibration of our Abundance Code Activation and you’ll soon recognize how this shift within you has ‘already won’. Light, love and blessings dear ones as we look forward to connecting you to the 5th Dimensional Frequency that you are ready to embrace now!


Your Arcturian Galactic Team of Light

6 Week Course Investment: $397

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6 Week Course Investment PLUS 1:1 Heart Activation Channeling Session: $997

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Option 1: One Payment of $997

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Option 3: Three Payments of $350

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Are you ready to receive the abundance your heart is already aligned for?