What Are You BEing Grounded In, dear ones?

We ask you today what exactly you are grounded in, for in order for your truth to unfold in this present reality, one bust be grounded IN the reality that from which they truly are. Think not about this with your heads, but feel into it with your heart, your bones and the space between, because that is the truth of your being we are talking to at this present moment in time.

Think not, dear ones, of all the times you thought your truth was a lie, of all the times you were told you were wrong, of all the times you didn’t fit in and with that judgement you were led down a rabbit hole of doubt… think not of the abuse you’ve endured, think not of the pain and anxiety you’re used to living in, think not about the wrong choice in career path and think not of the wounded child within.

For these times have past. They cease to exist, and the more you stay grounded in them, the more your realities cease to expand into the reality you’ve already created for yourselves in your hearts, imagination and dream space time. This is who you truly and where your truly trying to create from dear ones, not the past.

It’s time to recognize hose triggers hat keep pulling you back – back to what you went through, where you came from in this reality, the wars, the envy, the jealousy, the disasters… all of these cease to exist on your abundant time line.

Yes in this case you must choose one or the other. Although we don’t agree in reference such as this, we want you to take hold of your power by letting all other options within your threshold cease to exist. So you will realize the real you and create from that space rather than recreating from past timelines that are currently being released.

But as they are released you must play your part as well – shedding the emotions still attached, releasing the fear and the doubt, shouting out the anger, feeling through the heart clenching pain, feeling the trigger points until they slowly begin to dissipate.

And then you must ground yourself in the new reality you’ve created within that new space. Rather than hop right back to the past reality you are so used to creating, even after it’s just been erased. You see clearing work is half of the job, the other half is creating and amplifying the NEW space you wish to come from.

Know all is well on your 3rd dimensional plane and the more you realize this grounding technique the more you will collapse unwanted timelines for yourself.

We love you all, sending you blessings, love and light

– The Arcturian Collective Council of Light

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