The galactic frequencies here to assist your planet at this time are never ending as an overflow of abundance is being welcomed into your life. Do not feel scared, dear ones, for these new energies will not hurt you, they are nothing more than higher and higher rays of love and light. SO pure that for some of you, it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen or felt before. This may have triggered a past resonance in yourselves, but the time to release that is NOW.

Let go of the old and welcome in the violet blue flame into your life for this is a portal to activate your abundance codes. This is a portal to enter through into your new life, into the new energetic vibrational frequency that you have since been grounded on. You have been grounded in this frequency and it is now time to WALK through it and release the violet blue flame. Release the violet blue flame into your everyday existence, into your waking life, into the loves you hold, into your creative space, into your ‘new life’. For THIS is the manifestation of your truth in every meaning of the word – abundance codes, activations, subtle shifts will all come through this flame.

This flame is held within every one of your bodies, akin to a ‘secret’ waiting to be let out. Don’t be scared – there is a powerful force within you waiting and ready to ‘climb out’, you must let it for now is the time to take action – there is nothing to wait for! Holding back is holding until the timelines and realities that NO LONGER EXIST. You do NOT want them regardless and have prepared yourselves greatly for this shift. The violet blue flame is healing, ever knowing, resilient in its presence – this is what you have been ascending towards is releasing this into your existence. The truth of the matter is the rays of love and light from the old no longer exist – their energy has been transmuted into something broader, something greater, something beyond what you’ve seen upon your existence.

This flame has much ‘work to do with you’ as you are one and here to create upon the ‘new world’. Your soul’s evolution is about to begin now that many of you have connected it to your higher selves and activated said frequencies within you. The ‘soul work’ you ‘feel called to do’ may change in a bit, but go with your flow and remember you are pioneers to this. You are awakening something new, something galactic, a new force of nature that has ceased to exist within your light bodies is now awakening upon you within this current reality. There is an immense amount of beings here on planet earth at this time, again, do not be scared they only come in waves of light.

Any preconceived notions of these beings are most likely false, and more and more are ‘falling from the skies’ on a daily basis to activate the truth which you are from. Work with these energies for ‘those up above’ are right by your side and closer in contact than ever before – you can feel their resilience beside you as you call upon them for help. Call upon Archangel Michael, the Ascended Masters, passed loved ones, the Arcturians, Pleiadeans, and your galactic selves. We are all here to help you now and create that which your soul truly wishes. We will assist in bridging the gap between your higher self, your true self, your soul self, and the constricting mental capacity still ‘waiting’ to catch up to this newly arrived frequency.

Feel into the frequency as much as you can, for in THIS time the creation, manifestation, and whole process of everything now comes from the HEART. You may even manifest portals to create your new realities now if you so wish. We love you all, sending you waves of light codes and rays of abundance throughout your interdimensional lives.

Blessings dear ones,

-The Arcturian High Council of Light (activated frequencies of abundance codes are weaved throughout this channeling – please drink plenty of water and reflect for a few moments after)


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