You are grounded in the new earth now, dear ones, and it is time for you to share and shine your new light. Your real light, the light you’ve always belonged to, the light that is your birth right. The ‘times’ have changed and you have been ‘swept off your feet’ in a number of ways, but now is the time to stay grounded more than ever, release your former existence into the light and plant the seeds from your crown down into the grounding of Mother Earth now.

She recognizes your light as much as you do hers – we all do, from the galactic spaces above. We are guiding you to FEEL the effortless effects of BE-ing grounded more and more in your light and channeled truth existence as we are ready for you to shift open into awakening to your galactic selves. Your true selves, your higher selves, yes you already are connected, however there is much ‘more to the story’ as it sounds. There’s ‘more to the story’ because you are in a constant state of evolution, of expansion, of evolving more and more into the photonic light sourced from above, and as you realize that, as you lean into that, more and more of you are awakening into something more.

You are awakening into a truth not felt by many before. You are pioneers of a sort, ready to take on the violet blue ray flame as your truest existence into ‘eternity’ now. Feel the presence of this truth now, as it floats right above your heads down into your crown, through your third eye, into your abundance time lines, down your throat and into your real life, into your heart and out through it’s head. Realizing the truth of the existence you’ve held during this awakening experience. For this awakening experience was unfolding you into further truth, yet another awakening of sorts. It was an experience to ‘master’ to allow you to lean into the next layer of your existence.

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