Expand into your Truth dear ones, for now is the time to soar! This is your Arcturian guides talking, the Arcturian Council of Light and we are here to help YOU recognize the truth of your own light. We know many of you have been, what you perceive as, struggling lately in response to the new waves of light and expansion as a whole. We want to remind you the importance of ‘embracing the power within’ for THIS is what will drive you to soar or keep you ‘stuck behind’ in an old paradigm.

Now more than ever you are being called to embrace and share the STRENGTH of your light. No more ‘dilly dallying’ my dears, for the LIGHT has won and time in the form of ‘waiting around’ is no longer. Just BE in the light now dear ones, share your messages of truth, tune into your guides, ask us for help before you go to sleep at night… you have done the work in the astral realm and traveled many, many galaxies to ask for our help.

We are here now, embrace our name, the ARCTURIANS are coming in ‘full force’ down to your planet to assist and bring our guidance as you’ve asked for help. You’ve asked for help in remembering, we speak to you the truth of your real names. You asked for help balancing your energies, which we have assisted as well. You have asked for help embracing your power and we are here to tell you that the power is ALL YOURS, dear ones, as simple as that. RECOGNIZE THIS TRUTH and let the light that ‘has won’ embrace your entire physical being in this NOW present state.

This means SHARING your light with others, regardless of what they think/say/do, regardless of your ‘past memories’ you are called to NO LONGER hold onto, regardless of the whispers of fear that still lie from within as your bodies are upgraded from a carbon based model to align with your individual and collective crystalline light grids. Speak your truth loud and CLEAR – for when you speak this, you are resonating in your HEART, where all you desire lies. This is the answers to the help you are looking for – what to do, who to help, what to eat, how to shift, who to become.

Heart, heart, heart… tune into your heart first and let the rest fall into place. As you must SURRENDER to the power that calls your name. You must surrender, as your power is so powerful it feels light to you and like a new ‘feeling’ embracing your body instead of the other way around. This means making yourselves as light and free as possible to allow this new vibration to sink in. Your power has been truly locked for thousands and thousands of years, so it isn’t just this current ‘timeline’ you are clearing to resonate deep within, it is many from your soul’s past as well.

When these memories, struggles or thoughts come to you, release them with light and love as quickly as they came in. There is no need to hold on to the dark – shift into light and love at once, it truly is that simple for THAT is the POWER that you hold. That is the power you are from – the power of the light, the power of your higher selves, the power of your galactic guides, the power of your souls, the power of quantum shifting, the power of creating whatever REAL-ality you choose, the power of inner guidance, the power of heart-led free will. These are the truths you have been called to for some time, but now more than ever the ability to hold back, procrastinate or dissipate your light is unavailable to you, no matter how hard you ‘try’.

Do not let your ego supersede you on this matter, for let us remind you that YOUR light has one, much ado to your ’light work’ dear ones. If this is the truth you are to embody, think of all you can ‘do’, imagine, create, GIVE, SHIFT, SEE, RELEASE, LIFT, REVEAL, EMBRACE, ‘SUCCEED’, EVOLVE… this is YOU, this is who YOU ARE! Do not play ‘ignorant’ any longer to your truth as we know much of the information you are embracing within yourselves is so new to you. Some of it is brand new and it is YOU who is ready to spread it out! Some of it is just new to your frame of reference, which again, is your call to spread it out!

FEEL grander, FEEL broader, FEEL lighter, FEEL braver, FEEL confident, FEEL empowered, FEEL lifted, FEEL freer, FEEL creative, FEEL expansive, FEEL spiritual, FEEL uplifted, FEEL trusted, FEEL FEEL FEEL… feel the power within you, for ‘time’ is something you no longer have ‘left’. ❤

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