You must realize the love that you actually have to give is related to an infinite intelligence that is completely ‘above and out of your head’. What we mean by this is, yes, energetically speaking, but also figuratively in that the mind has no relation to this. The mind has no relation to the actual true vibrational frequency of the love that you have to give. The love that is infinitely abundant, infinitely wise and intelligent, infinitely available to you, throughout you and within you all of the time.

The love that YOU have to give is infinitely secure, trusting, knowing, wise, stable, loving, balanced, growing, expanding, evolving, giving, receiving, beautiful and many more, how shall we say, ‘frequencies’ or ‘feelings’ that you, your human experience self, are unaware of and unable to access from this point. This love is what pervades through your veins, what runs your energetic frequencies, what has access to your Truth, what connects you to your REAL reality, and more. This love, you must understand, is what you come from. Is what you are made of. Is all you embody at your core.

There is no need to look with OUT yourselves for guidance, acknowledgement, alignment, perseverance, creativity, ideas, confidence, trust, worthiness, love, abundance or ‘all knowingness’. This is right within your hearts. Right within your DNA codons. Right within the frequency you actually ‘operate’ from. What keeps you from experiencing, embodying, ‘preserving’ and expressing this love is mental and physical ‘confines’ that were created to destroy your REAL reality.

These confines keep you in the experience of feeling small, feeling lack, feeling guilt, feeling shame, feeling unaware, feeling self-doubt, feeling unworthy, feeling impatient, feeling unconfident, feeling unloved, feeling lost, feeling lonely, feeling abandonment, feeling addicted, feeling abused, feeling stuck, feeling unhealthy, feeling dissolution, feeling uncreative, feeling common, feeling indifferent, feeling scarcity, feeling anxious, feeling afraid, feeling dis-ease, feeling dis-embodiment… these feelings create a literal ‘block’ to your vibrational REAL-ality of where you are from.

And it is up to you, with the awareness we place in your hands, to shift into this Truth as much as possible. The ‘old ways’ are not ‘working’ anymore – many of you are waking up to this but ‘don’t know what to DO about it’. You must BE about your Truth as much as possible and expand your minds to think NEW, NEW, NEW. There are MANY, MANY, MANY new vibrational frequencies and ways to expand available to you all at this time, you may just not consciously know it yet.

Depending on your resistance to expand and your desire to hold on to the 3D timelines as much as possible will depend on ‘how long it will take’ you to ‘ascend’. What mean with this statement is that YOU have the POWER ‘on your side’ and within you NOW to quickly jump out of this false experience and into your light. And that your MINDS cannot tell you HOW it is going to happen because there are NEW ways ‘it will happen’.

There are NEW ways to show your love, NEW ways to be showered with abundance, NEW ways to ‘manifest’ (a word which will not be around much longer), NEW ways to tell your Truth, NEW ways to align to what you want, NEW ways to relate to one another, NEW ways to FEEL infinite love. New, New, New… take on this perspective of your Truth so you are open and AWARE of the possibilities available to you.

That is all. We send you love, light and blessings and ask to share these messages of Truth with those you love. NAMASTE

The Arcturian 12th Dimensional Council of Light

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