Client Love

I received a channeled message from Jennifer and the Arcturians in April. I was instantly brought to tears as the truth and high frequency vibrations pour through the words, energy and transmission. I have read and reread the message many times, each time I get a new feeling, new insight and new energy to utilize for my path. I send all of my friends to Jennifer as she has been consistently showing up, doing her work and allowing the energy to flow through her.

Diane Marie |



I have known Jennifer for the past year in this lifetime but know our hearts go back to many experiences together in this Earth and others. I started working with her back in October within the first session I could quickly see, feel and understand her unique gifts and abilities not only as a channel for the divine but her human compassion and integrity.

I came away totally blown away that she could pin point and provide clarity on topics I was previously struggling with and not only that but provide a clear energetic path and guidance on what to do next in the physical realm which would turn into results – I have been on my awakening path actively for 7 years and am clear with who I do and don’t work with. Being a clear channel myself and spiritual mentor I love to experience the vibration and gifts of what others have to share with this world. What I most loved about Jennifer was she continues to support herself and grow each day into her best version and I could feel this expand out into my sessions.

My confidence has shifted into one of trust of my own abilities and gifts and got me to come out from hiding and turn the light on for people to see. Each session is so unique, transforming, inspiring and clear and you can feel the guidance flow through her and from her. The space held is one of complete grounding, safety nurturing and joy and feel very loved and guided to open my heart and dive deep into what’s really going on behind the scenes to get grounding and centered into what is most important.

A 1:1 session with Jennifer will get you the clarity and healing you need but would really advise more than one as you will be continued to be held in loving and healing support and the changes that will be made in your physical life as a result is limitless and valuable beyond any monetary exchange.

A session with Jennifer and he guides not only give you the support and coaching you need, answers to burning questions around what is coming up for you in your life but will also elevate your consciousness and vortex into the new paradigm – one of manifesting with ease, joy and freedom as the potentials when we are reminded of who we truly are. Jennifer and her team hold you in that creative space – the potential to be authentically you on your awakening ascension journey and experience yourself and what you would like to call into your life. She holds you in the space to realize your potential far beyond your mind’s ego limitations of staying small.

Working closely with her the past few months as elevated my business – my love life – my manifesting – my understanding of my higher path and complete gratitude for the invaluable support gifted from her angelic presence.

If you have found her light then I highly urge to you to book and and start working with her right away and see how your life can transform.

5* is not enough of a review it’s pure divine perfection that is channeled through – she is the real deal and her loving honest compassion will hold you in the space you’ve needed to get clear and get moving on your ascension path towards joy and love and away from sorrow pain and fear.

I love you Jennifer thank you angel xxxxx

Zoe Davenport, Author & Spiritual Mentor |


My intuitive coaching session with Jennifer was more than I could have expected. She got right to the root of my problem before we even began talking. I don’t know how she did it. She truly has a gift. Our session even went over time a little bit because she was so committed to offering me as many solutions as possible. After our call I felt like I had a much firmer grasp of my situation. I felt supported, understood and heard.
Jennifer gets to the root of the problem. She has a deeper understanding of whats really going on and she sheds light on it in a way to lets you gain that same deeper understanding. One of the main things I took away was that I need to tap into my feminine energy more. I was letting my masculine side take control and it was leading me to feel anxious, stuck and chasing after my goals. I have since been practicing embracing my feminine energy. I’m cooking more, practicing surrender and trying to dress enjoy the little things more. Jennifer’s call really helped me tap into what I needed.
Lauren Ellman |