Have you ever wondered how to make Sacred Geometry work FOR you and help you receive your abundant 5D Life? Join us as we celebrate the Truth of why you were born and welcome in your communication with Source to create the infinite possibilities you are here to manifest! Receive Arcturian Activated guidance of utilizing Sacred Geometry to activate your Abundance Codes within all areas of your business and life!

In this workshop we will be teaching you:

  • What Sacred Geometry means to YOU and is meant to help YOU align to in your own life
  • How to use the Sacred Geometry Creation Method to manifest an abundance of light and love
  • What Sacred Geometry has to do with aligning to your Higher Self, your Soul’s Work your Abundance Purpose + more
  • How to understand what each geometric symbol you receive means, an easy way for interpretation and clear knowing for ‘what’ to do with them
  • How to create your own intention setting practice to utilize geometry in your day to day life
  • What connection Sacred Geometry has to your business/business practices, financial goals, health, relationships + more
  • How to utilize 5th-7th dimensional consciousness, your abundance codes and Sacred Geometry all together in one
  • If Sacred Geometry can help you expand your Spiritual Gifts and connect you to your Higher Source
  • What to call in with each geometric symbol
  • Different techniques to enhance the frequency of each symbol by creating energy portals
  • How to use Sacred Geometry to manifest from a 5D ‘here and now’ frequency and release the 3D paradigm shift
  • The proper ‘times’ to use Sacred Geometry, what to expect and which situations would benefit the most
  • How to build a clearer connection with ‘who’ is behind the geometry you are receiving, the Arcturians, your Galactic Guidance Team and Sacred Energy Source
  • And, of course, MORE 🙂


This workshop is about expanding into an awareness of SO MUCH MORE. Of the infinite state and potentiality you are meant to CREATE from and understanding how to communicate, connect with and embody that in the HERE AND NOW.

We’re breaking ‘all the rules’ in this workshop in regards to what Sacred Geometry IS and ISN’T, how to utilize it and so much more!

New to Sacred Geometry? Not a problem! Sacred Geometry is EVERYWHERE in your day to day life and you ARE communicating with it whether you are consciously aware or not. Bringing this knowledge to your conscious awareness can help you expand your life by creating timeline shifts, opening up to abundant ‘revolutions’ within your current state of being, manifest in your physical reality and more. Sacred Geometry carries the vibrations of truth, light and love – so no matter how you use it, how you draw it, how you envision it or who you share it with, just the fact that you were open to RECEIVE it activates a new portal for you in your life. It can heighten your frequency, allow new creative potential to develop from within, give you ‘signs’ of new life, help you communicate with your Galactic Guidance Team and clear up stagnation in any of your Chakras. Sacred Geometry has been used in a ‘tried and true’ way for quite some time – we’re here to expand your awareness of this and open you up to utilizing it in ANY manner you are called to in your life. Resonating in the ‘New Earth’ or from your TRUE 5D self means being FLUID, OPEN, FREE and UNATTACHED from ‘all you have ever known’. We will be teaching you how to encompass the vibration of each code and keep it’s intention running high until your physical manifestation comes to life. Sacred Geometry is meant to be effortless, freeing, exciting and expansive. It’s a form of communication, a heightened technology and a message from your Galactic Frequency.


Did you know with Sacred Geometry you can:

  • infuse plants and animals with a higher vibrational frequency of light and love (which can aid with any perceived need for healing)
  • heighten the intimacy between you and your romantic partners
  • expand gifts, skills and capabilities you have just begun to learn or open up to
  • tap into new levels of ‘knowing’, ‘seeing’, ‘feeling’ or ‘hearing clearly
  • open your senses up to awaken a total new way of BE-ing and LIVING in your life
  • create energetic portals, timeline shifts and activate grids
  • develop a crystal clear connection between you, your Higher Self, Source, Christ Consciousness, Spirit Guides and more
  • expand into a wide range of vibrational frequencies to choose from on a day to day basis (no more feeling stuck, misaligned or unsure of how to shift your energy – you’re ‘in control’ now baby!)
  • automatically shift the ‘energy in the room’, the way you and another person relate to one another, the vibrational frequency of a sick one, and more
  • release yourself into instantaneous manifestations
  • help ease the process of any percieved ascension symptoms
  • embody an enhanced feeling of play, joy, lightness, freedom, creativity, confidence, consciousness, excitement and intution
  • stay connected to a distinct understanding of who you are, ‘what you do’ here on earth and answer ‘what should I do next’
  • cleanse your Crystals, house, physical belongings, business, finances and body
  • attract aligned clientele, clarity in business offerings, and ‘uplevel’/reach goals with ease and flow
  • create a flow of healing energy throughout your body, release cravings, and welcome in a newfound love for exercise
  • call in new spiritual gifts, a heightened sense of intuition and pure empowerment
  • connect on a deeper level with loved ones, release blocks to intimacy or abundance
  • align, cleanse, heal and shift your finances
  • and… MORE!


This workshop is perfect if you have been curious or called to Sacred Geometry for quite some time, yet unable to ‘utilize’ it in your day to day life, if you are beginning to receive Sacred Geometry downloads and aren’t quite sure what they mean for you, or are looking for a new way to embrace your 5D light and manifest from that space. This workshop will be interactive, with guided meditations, channelings, Arcturian Q&A and multiple geometric downloads for each individual’s highest intention.

Workshop Details:

Monday, June 13th at 5PM PST

2.5 – 3 Hours

Facebook Group for interaction, exercises accountability and live support (group will stay active for a number of weeks after 5/13)

Unlimited REPLAY availability

Guided Meditation + Channeling to keep you aligned to your Sacred Geometry Activation

Connection with the Arcturians

Upgrade option to work together 1:1 personally


Ready to unleash the creative potential and infinite abundance Sacred Geometry holds for us all?

Workshop Investment: $99 USD

Workshop PLUS 2 Arcturian Activated 1:1 Sessions: $497 USD

(Receive not one, but TWO 1:1 sessions where we will Activate your Sacred Geometry codes, hold a personalized 1:1 channeling, create an individualized strategy for utilizing Sacred Geometry in 3 specific areas/intentions in your life, guide you to manifesting your intentions with 1:1 messenger support between sessions + more)