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Allow us to take you on a journey to increasing your photonic light within your DNA, as your genetic frequency is uploaded with the vibration of the Diamond White Light. Enjoy this experience of your codon’s being activated with the highest frequency of light available to your bodies at this time. Journey to the great central sun, visit Telos and embrace the never ending journey into embodying more and more light. Activating your higher selves through this frequency will allow the shifts you have made to further unfold into your 3rd Dimensional Reality experience, as you integrate with ease that which has already been activated within you at this time.

The Diamond White Light can speed up your genetic frequency, allowing you to embrace more and more feelings and experiences of the light (5th Dimension and higher) within your present here and now. Take this journey as a tool to embrace your higher selves resonance, allowing yourself to connect to the opening of who you truly are with ease. This Diamond genetic frequency is of high vibration, so please make sure to attune your physical vibration as well after your journey is done.

Feel free to receive these light waves within your sleep or waking state. This journey is meant to be relaxing, calming, soothing and uplifting to your genetic DNA, your current physical state, your emotional body, etheric body and spiritual Soul self. This is more and more of a shift into who you truly are and the ‘home’ where you are from. Allow our Arcturian frequency to activate these codes within you NOW, as you shift to embrace more and more photonic light energy within your daily lives.

This shift will allow you to encompass more of who you know yourselves to be with ease, releasing self judgments, limiting beliefs, ego blocks, and allowing higher transmutations of energy to come through you without getting stuck in the lower 3D Chakra belt. This will connect you to Mother Earth’s 5D presence, as you are now awakened to a state of BEing within that resonance.

Your consciousness will be uplifted, your higher beliefs will unfold, and messages of all that is truly within your heart and how to increase your activated frequency in the physical now will be received over the next 2-3 weeks time.

Although this frequency shift allows you to embody more light, take some time, dear ones, to allow that integration to take place through the mental, emotional and physical plane. Over the following 3-5 days (although you may frequently activate more and more of this light by continuously listening to this meditation whenever you feel called) your bodies, minds and spirits will do much detoxing as all that is heavy and dark will be pushed out by this highly active frequency of light.

Assistance on how to do this is recommended at the end of the meditation and includes suggestions such as: walks with nature, resting when tired, maximal self care, BEing of service to yourself, reading, relaxing, connection to your heartbeat, chakra clearing, letting go of denser energies within jobs/relationships, de-cluttering, journaling, higher self meditating, eating high vibrational foods from Mother Earth (lots of greens, superfoods, juices, vegetables, a variety of fruits), detox baths, play, and so on.

For any questions in assisting this shift after listening, please e-mail us directly at coaching@jenniferneel.com.


You are ready to activate this frequency within you now!

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