Journey to your Truth during this powerful activation and meditation through intergalactic frequencies and rising to the dimension of the violet blue flame resonance. The time has come for you to come HOME within your galactic self and day-to-day inner world. Embrace the Truth of ALL that you are by knowing the Source that which you are from and feeling it integrate throughout your entire galactic frequency as we bring that connection back down into your higher and then physical self.

Reach out to your higher selves as we travel to outer space, through our interdimensional realities and become one again with Source. Utilizing the resilliance of the violet blue flame, we realize our potential of energetic frequency within our hUmanity and bring it back down to our realities straight from Source. Become grounded within our frequency as we help you discover the BEing that you truly are, where you are Sourced from within the intergalactic frequencies of the abundance codes. Relax and take a ride through a destiny of truth as you realize higher parts of yourself and connect to humanity within and without this intergalactic Universe.

Remember, this is a FEELing process, and although the ‘words’ may not match the description, the vibrational frequency is there and is what will allow you to decipher what is REAL within your hearts and what needs to be expelled from your current reality and vibrational resonance. Take your time coming out of this meditation, allowing your hearts to unfold through a multidimensional experience that many of you have not yet felt before. Connect to the Source of what is, Mother Earth’s core, your galactic frequencies of Truth and the violet blue flame resonance.

Breathe in this vibrational experience as you allow your Truth to reside within you NOW! You are ready to become one with where you are from 🙂


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