What Can Activating Your Abundance Codes Do For You? Well, Here’s What It Did For Me…

In a weird, strange way, I always felt like I was living a lie. I always had something still poking and prodding at me deep down inside saying that this ‘wasn’t enough’, ‘I was ready for more’, ‘ask for more’, ‘be who you really are’, ‘this isn’t your life’, and so on and so forth. I didn’t understand WHY I couldn’t get this nagging, irking feeling to EVER go away.

Sure, at one point, I realize where it was stemming from – before and during my ‘dark night of the soul’. But even after all of that, even after cleaning up my energetic/emotional/physical/mental being and evolving into more of who I am, or thought I was, it still ‘wasn’t enough’. I just had this feeling that would never go away – no matter how much meditating, journaling, cleansing/clearing, detoxing, visualizing, manifesting, talking to my guides, reading, mindset work, spiritual growth work I did, it just wouldn’t go away.

I kept hearing – seeing – reading – feeling in a multitude of ways that there was more. Something more for me. Something more of me. Something more to be. I couldn’t ‘figure out’ what.

And so FINALLY, finally, FINALLY, by some sheer random ‘stroke of luck’ (just a phrase, not a belief), I connected to my Arcturian self. And from there, I unlocked my abundance codes. And from there… well, there’s a lot more to this evolution of the story, but I’ll try to keep this short.

Unlocking my abundance codes was, yes, quite literally ‘unlocking’ the codes that lie within my DNA, within all of our DNA, on this dimension to allow the abundance of Truth, light, wisdom, Soul and ‘healing’ into my energetic and physical body so I could embrace the Truth of my ‘whole’ being. But it was also unlocking that from the Galactic planes.

Now, that might not make much sense to you, but here me out. As much of the work I did ‘on the ground’ here on the 3rd, 4th and even 5th dimension, it never really ‘stuck’ or made the ‘impact’ I was yearning for until I worked my way ‘from the top down’. And by that, I mean, tuning in and connecting more and more to my Galactic self – my galactic family – my galactic ‘work’ – my galactic Truth and THEN, and only then, bringing that back down.

Then, all the other stuff started to fall into place. I could FEEL and EMBODY my truth for DAYS. I could ‘ride the waves’ of ascension that much more easier and I could finally find peace/a sense of grounding knowing who I am and what it is I am here to ‘do’ on this earth. It wasn’t until I shifted towards that, that all the other ‘work’ started to make sense. Started to come alive. Started to ring true in my bones.

And that’s what we’re called to bring forth for you in the Abundance Activation 6 Week Course! Because let me tell you, although I had a personal Channeler and Spiritual Mentor I worked with through all of this to help me understand, expand and evolve, it surely would’ve made an extended impact if I had a group to hold my vibration and hold me accountable with. To help me understand what I was going through and vice versa. To share my light with more and more as we give and receive to the expanding Universes inside of ourselves.

So, enough of this ‘ galactic talk’ – there is that nagging part of you that wants to understand how this will affect your physical plane (hey me too!) and that didn’t start to shift for me, truly, until all of the above rang true. After unlocking my abundance codes, I was able to ‘decide and shift’ with ease – in my physical health, in creating job opportunities, in manifesting unexpected financial income, in releasing relationships with absolute divine love (my ex-partner and I now have a more loving and abundant relationship than ever before!), in connecting to the awakened relationships I was craving, in KNOWING what ideas to create/move forward with and doing so with a balance in ‘push and pull’, in trusting myself, in holding that high vibration for more than a few hours, in communicating clearly with my 3D relationships from a 5D perspective, in SEEING and FEELING abundance in the most unexpected places, in releasing anxiety/shame/fear on being myself, in jumping timelines quite literally consciously and because I just decided to, in feeling empowered and confident in ways I hadn’t for YEARS, in speaking my Truth (and being understood and heard), in having a CLEAR connection to my guidance team (finally!) and understanding how my gifts work…

… okay some of those weren’t so ‘physical’, but you get the drift.

So if this where you are at and any of my experience I’ve shared with you resonates, or if you just want to share some energy as you evolve in a high vibration space ;), join our 6 week course starting JUNE 1st (that’s just 9 days from now!). There is STILL the opportunity to receive an INCREDIBLE discount on not just the program, but the opportunity to work with me in a 1:1 session as well. Join today at: www.jenniferneel.com/abundance.

And if you’re still on the fence and want some good abundance code ju-ju to get you going with wherever you’re headed on your path, you can still tune into the free replay of our Abundance Code Activation and Channeling session. Just sign up at: www.jenniferneel.com/arcturianlive and you’ll receive a link right after.

Although the weeks are subject to change based on the group’s specific energetic needs, I’m SO excited to help shift you into the POWER you truly hold and all you’re destined to BE. Here’s a quick summary of what each week will be about, but I definitely recommend checking out the website as there is a TON of information on what we’ll be shifting towards:

Week One: Getting to the CORE of your soul’s TRUE POWER and Galactic Frequency

Week Two: Tapping into the Abundance + Infinite Creative Potential (you already know is yours)

Week Three: Activating your True Potential by Bringing in Your Multidimensional Self

Week Four: Violet Blue Ray Flame Activation + Opening Crystalline Grid Portals

Week Five: Physical Healing and Detoxification, Ascension ‘Symptoms’ and Releasing Cords

Week Six: Releasing Abundance Blocks and Embodying Your Newly Awakening DNA Codes

Ready to shift into the abundant Truth you KNOW you truly are? Join us TODAY (we start June 1st – grab your spot!): http://www.jenniferneel.com/abundance

And, well well well, holy ‘shift’ 😉 as I like to say… I can already FEEL into the power and infinite potential we have to create in this space. So excited for you all!
Light + Love – NAMASTE

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